is a long lasting (6-8 weeks) lash treatment that helps to open and emphasise the eyes by creating beautifully curled and lifted lashes. Short straight lashes appear longer and darker, droopy tired eyes appear more open and awake. Lashlift is a comfortable, ‘easy to wear’ treatment that makes the most of natural lashes without the need for extensions or daily mechanical eyelash curlers.
Includes free lash tint.

Rapid Lash
A quicker and less expensive alternative to c lash extensions. But still using our premium lashes The only difference it the time is takes and that these can not be infill
hybrid lashes
Hybrid Set is a mix of Classic 1-1 Lashes and 2D-4D Volume Lashes. 


By far our most popular lashes This is were multi fine lashes 3d-4d are added to one lash creating in a fan effect.  A  set of Volume Lashes are  ideal if your looking for full lashes 



this is a full on glamor set of lashes price on consultation 


Infallible every 2-3 weeks.

Please remember all lashes required you to have a patch test 24-48 hours before treatment

Had an incredible lash lift & tint done by Josie who has just blown me away with the results! Cannot recommend highly enough, will definitely be back to have Josie do them again! Thank you so much xx