Henna Brows

Henna Brows is the new wave in eyebrow artistry – the latest technique in eyebrow tinting and sure to be the next big thing!

Instyle magazine and Vogue have already coveted this transformative treatment so we are thrilled to be introducing this to our clients.

Henna is a new way to tint your brows and can last up to 4-6 weeks!!

Henna is made from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant and is only mixed with purified water – no need for peroxide!!! Unlike traditional tinting, Henna tint coats the hair shaft, without penetrating the inner most layer of the hair (the cortex) This means that the hair keeps in moisture and flexibility! This keeps the natural brow hairs happy and healthy with long lasting natural colour.

There are 8 standard colours, which are mixed to create a custom blend best to suit each client. After a colour consultation your therapist will expertly create a bespoke colour especially for you.

Henna Tint is the only treatment, currently, that can effectively cover white/grey hair! The versatile nature of this product means we can stain the brow area as well as the hairs (this lasts around a week, due to washing the face/makeup worn etc) creating a full, defined look, whilst still looking natural.

This natural quality of this product means that it is great for sensitive skin and the treatment can be carried out during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.*

Henna Tint can be used to create beautiful natural brows and fuller defined brows. Every Henna Tint treatment starts with a colour consultation, so we can create the desired colour and shape especially for you.

Next time you are booking in your usual tint and shape or tinting treatment, why not switch to Henna Brows and see for yourself, I guarantee you won’t look back!

*After the 1st trimester, a 48 hour patch test is required for every treatment

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