Helpful hints and tips for home beauty

In the coming weeks while we are stuck at home due to Covid-19, I will post up some videos on facebook and also have them available for viewing below.

Using Your Derma Roller At Home

How to use your derma roller at home

Using a 0.5 derma roller

Gel Polish Removal

How to remove your gel polish at home

You will need: 
Acetone, Cottonwool, Tin foil , Nail file, A spoon (yes a spoon )
and Oil.

Home Facial Scrub

How to make facial scrub at home

You will need: 
Oil, Brown Sugar (or white), Honey, Lemon Juice, Coffee or Lavender and an empty pot!

Lash Extension Removal

How to remove your lash extension at home

You will need: 
Cotton wool, Cotton buds , Oil, Lash brush and Time and patience!

Morning Facial

Morning facial massage for fine lines and wrinkles

I had a fab three and a half hours at Beauty yesterday! Gel strength nails, eyelash tint courtesy of Josie; tash, goatie, eyebrow threading and bikini wax by Jazz and a pedicure by Karen! All wonderful, Came out feeling holiday ready!
Thanks girls – you’re all stars!